Apply To Character Transfer

After server mergence, if you want to transfer your character, please fill out the following form.

If you have an account that has characters on both servers, you may lose one during the merge. To prevent this, we have made a way to move one character to a separate account, so both will remain after the merge. If you want to transfer a character that will be erased because of the merge to a new account, you can log into the Character Transfer Page to fill out the application form. Please note the following requirements:

A) Please register for a new account or use an existing account for your transferred character.
If it's a newly registered account, please login with it, first. Keep in mind: Logging in is necessary, but do not create any character on it.
B) Please ensure that your character in the new account is not logged in any servers.
C) Make sure there is no existing character on the new account in the new server.
D) Please make sure that your transferred character does not have any CPs in their inventory.

If you have any problems with the character transfer, please submit a ticket here.

Server Name:
Original Account Login ID Your Character Lies:
New Account Login ID You Want to Transfer To: